Create a Balanced Schedule at the Medical Office Specialist School at Manhattan School of Computer Technology, NYC

How to Create a Balanced Schedule During Healthcare College


Many students at Manhattan School of Computer Technology juggle their professional lives, personal lives, and subsequent responsibilities alongside their studies. MSCT offers flexible and comprehensive programs to suit students’ lives, whether you’re a busy working professional or an on-the-go parent looking to transition to a new career.

With time as a finite resource, we understand that students are being pulled in a number of different directions throughout their programs. This is why we have worked hard to curate courses that meet the needs of our students for professional development while offering the accommodation necessary to succeed. Building a balanced schedule during healthcare college is about more than simple time management. Continue reading to discover our best advice.

Identify and Limit Time Wasting Activities

Certain activities can result in excess time wasted when unmonitored. Television, social media, and procrastination can cause a number of issues when it comes to productivity and focus levels. Identifying which of these time-wasting activities affect you most and limiting, or even eliminating, these distractions will help you sustain a balanced schedule during medical office specialist courses.

With little free time, it’s helpful to dedicate specific time blocks to different tasks without distraction. For example, when you complete your work day, try to switch gears and give your undivided attention to your studies without making space for time wasters like binge-worthy TV shows and Instagram scrolling. Dedicating time blocks to each task will help you visualize the work you need to get done while staying on track and focused.

Smiling healthcare college student completing focused studying session in a quiet space
When you limit distractions, your schedule during healthcare college will feel more manageable.

Set Reasonable Study Session Goals During Healthcare College

While creating time blocks can be especially helpful, it’s important to make them realistic in order to see the benefit. For example, if you only give yourself two hours to complete an assignment, then you may feel discouraged and unmotivated when you don’t reach that goal. Instead, break up your tasks into smaller, more manageable parts. You could spend two hours researching and developing a plan and succeed in the day’s task. Building an understanding of your own workflow and how you study best will help you create a schedule that is sustainable and balanced throughout your program.

Take Advantage of Our Hybrid Class Options

Hybrid class options have been introduced at MSCT to cater to working professionals and students who have additional commitments on top of their studies. We offer hybrid formats for both our Medical Office Specialist and English as a Second Language programs. Hybrid formats allow students to maximize their time academically, personally, and professionally with flexibility that fits their schedules. Additionally, our ESL program features some evening courses that are presented online to facilitate remote access and participation. Whether you spend your day working or caring for your family, you’ll be able to build a balanced schedule with our flexible hybrid programs.

Young professional completing a hybrid class online for a remote session
Hybrid class options provide more flexibility to create a balanced schedule.

Book a Virtual Counseling Meeting to Help You Stay on Track

Student success is a top priority at our healthcare college, and we appreciate each student’s unique situation. We encourage students to meet with our counselors to ensure they stay on track and continue to build a balanced schedule that sees them reach their goals on time. 

Going forward, MSCT is offering remote Zoom Counseling Meetings to every prospective student. Those interested in learning more about MSCT programs, as well as current students, can set up an appointment online via Calendly and ask any pressing questions about the program of interest. This convenient tool allows prospects to get the information they need even if they are unable to attend an in-person meeting due to work schedules, long commutes, family, and other obligations. 

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