4 Tips for Success as an ESL Student


Good communication is essential for success in a number of different work environments, including medical offices and business or accounting firms. If you’re planning on working in these fields across the United States, fluency in English should be a top priority. 

At the Manhattan School of Computer Technology, we welcome students from around the world and give them the opportunity to build their linguistic skills through our English as a Second Language program. Here, you can develop your abilities in oral communication and writing business documentation–which translates directly into a professional workplace. 

With a strong English foundation, you can prepare to advance to career-specific training, including our Medical Office Specialist program and Accounting programs at MSCT. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your ESL training.

1. Set Goals for Your Language Learning 

The first step to developing your language skills is setting goals. No matter your current level of English, clear goals will help you stay on track and progress at a good pace. The best goals are: SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. Think about the level of English you need to reach and how you can practice each week to get there. This might involve learning specific vocabulary one day and reviewing new grammar another day. 

The ESL program at MSCT will help you identify your goals and develop strategies for reaching them.

2. Consistency Is Key

When it comes to learning a language, practice makes perfect. Along with your ESL classes, you will need to put in time and effort on a regular basis to see real improvement. That means not only doing your homework, but also reading extra material, listening to audio recordings, watching videos, writing emails, and more. If you’re hoping to work in the medical office or accounting field, it’s a good idea to expose yourself to relevant material. Think about the topics or phrases you might encounter in a professional setting and review them consistently. 

Practice makes perfect when it comes to English language training.

3. Remember the Big Picture

Learning a new language takes time and dedication. But it can be easy to become disheartened during the learning process. Every student has a reason for learning English, and the best way to stay on track is to remind yourself why you’re learning English in the first place. At MSCT, many students are looking to access better career opportunities in the US by progressing to one of our training programs. By focusing on your English comprehension, you can prepare for success in our Medical Office Specialist courses. Keep your career goals in mind and remember the benefits of learning English for your future.

Keep in mind your goals for the future during your medical office specialist courses.

4. Tap into the Community

MSCT students have access to many individualized and supportive student services, including one-on-one tutoring to improve academic skills, workshops, student activities, and more. You will also be learning alongside other students with similar goals to advance their careers in the US. This community is a great resource for you to practice your English language skills with others and review any material you learned in class. 

During the ESL program, students will also have access to MSCT’s Career Placement services, which can help them prepare for the future, practice for interviews, and develop a strategy to navigate their language journey.  At the same time, you’ll build the skills to succeed in the US by gaining greater awareness of different cultural habits and adjusting to a new society. 

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