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5 Essential Skills You’ll Need To Become An EKG Technician After Healthcare Training


If you’re exploring healthcare career paths, be sure to consider EKG (electrocardiograph) technician work. Professionals in this field administer tests to determine the cardiovascular health of patients. Their duties vary greatly and include the monitoring of equipment, keeping patients informed throughout the process, monitoring patient blood pressure, identifying heart conditions, and collaborating with other healthcare professionals. In addition to being an empathetic, helpful individual, the successful EKG technician candidate possesses several specialized skills. Keep reading to discover them.

1. Successful EKG Technician Candidates Are Tech Savvy 

As an EKG technician, you will work with computers and various machines to conduct tests. You’ll need to understand medical software and be adept at operating various pieces of equipment in relation to human anatomy. For example, matching components of an EKG machine called electrodes to the right areas of the respiratory system in order to get an accurate read. To thrive as an EKG technician, your technological skills should go beyond basic everyday use and you should possess an understanding deep enough to effectively troubleshoot machines in order to boost efficiency.

healthcare training grad working reading EKG machine
Solid technological skills will help you be an effective EKG technician after healthcare training.

2. Physical Stamina Is Required 

EKG technicians are required to stay standing for extended periods of time. Though it doesn’t sound intense, moving between the machine and your patient, hooking up the EKG machine, and traveling from room to room to assist colleagues as needed can become physically demanding throughout your work day. Luckily, physical stamina is an ability that you can improve with moderate effort. By remaining active outside of work, practicing proper posture, and getting enough rest after healthcare training, you can prevent strain and injuries, significantly improving the quality of your work. 

3. You’ll Need To Be Detail Oriented To Succeed As An EKG Technician 

EKG technicians are required to take on a significant amount of responsibility, testing for heart conditions. In addition, they must ensure that results are recorded accurately for the physician’s analysis. All future tests that the patient undergoes will be analyzed with the data you collect in mind, so it’s essential that you pay close attention to detail at every stage of the diagnostic process. As you pursue this career path, it’s important to remember that you have the power to greatly impact a patient’s life by accurately identifying irregularities that can be life-threatening.

healthcare training grad sharing test results with doctor
Excellent communication skills will boost your effectiveness after healthcare training.

4. Great Communication Skills Will Be An Asset After Healthcare Training 

EKG technicians occupy a front-facing position meaning that they spend much of their time dealing with patients. They must keep patients informed on the testing and diagnostics process and answer any questions that come up. In addition, after completing healthcare college and becoming an EKG technician, you must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with colleagues, keeping them updated on key findings found during testing, being able to comprehend instructions, and using your strong written communication skills to record detailed, accurate information. 

5. Good Caregiving Skills Help EKG Technicians To Ensure Patient Satisfaction 

Effective EKG technicians must combine their technical skills with excellent bedside manners. Cardiovascular health is serious and your patients are likely concerned about their well-being. As is true in any healthcare profession, your patients will appreciate your ability to be a calming presence for them. Greeting patients professionally, putting forth effort to ease their anxieties, and maintaining a pleasant rapport will all be a part of your job. 

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