3 Job Search Strategies for Medical Office Specialist Careers


Launching a medical office specialist career can be intimidating at first, but preparing your strategy in advance can help you get ahead. By proactively planning for your job search, you can discover available resources and take full advantage of what your school has to offer. This will give you a more competitive edge when you graduate.

As a medical office specialist in training, you’ll gain practical experience as well as industry support, preparing you for employment in related positions in the field. You can explore career prospects in clinical laboratories, medical centers, and hospitals—becoming phlebotomy technicians, EKG technicians, medical assistants, medical information clerks, and more. With a job strategy in place, you can boost your chances of employment and broaden your career prospects. 

Here’s how you can get started! 

1. Practice Techniques to Help You Prepare

Strong interviewing skills can play a big role in helping you secure employment. This is where you’ll want to showcase your broad skill set and expertise. Practicing with mock questions and developing thoughtful answers in advance are important steps to take to help you stand out. 

For this reason, students at our healthcare college are able to access audio recordings of commonly asked interview questions, along with their appropriate responses, through our Library and Resource Center.

After completing your medical office specialist program at our school, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in simulated job interviews. Here, you’ll experience real-world interviews and gain firsthand insights to shape your career efforts. Those who pass the school’s interview automatically qualify for referral through the Placement Office, which positions graduates for success in new career opportunities.

Smiling professionals shaking hands during a medical office specialist career interview.
Practicing interviewing skills in advance is an effective way to prepare for employment

2. Explore Career Placement Opportunities at Your Healthcare College

When enrolling at MSCT, you’ll have the option to participate in the Employment Preparation and Job Search Program. This allows you to work with the Career Placement Office as you prepare to graduate. You’ll be given examples of resumes, cover letters, and employment application forms. If you’re looking to begin your dream medical office specialist career, then our expert faculty can help you better tailor your efforts and develop your resume.

Students enrolled in this program receive continued support until they gain employment. This support also includes extended lab time training and auditing opportunities to help students improve their resume. 

A resume being passed from one hand to another during a medical office specialist career job search.
Our career services can help students tailor their resumes to land a medical office assistant career

3. Grow Your Network as You Launch Your Medical Office Specialist Career

Studying at MSCT allows you to learn directly from medical professionals with years of experience. You can use your training to leverage your connections with your instructors and gain industry insights to better prepare for the field. Networking with them and proactively following up with the Career Placement Office may introduce you to new opportunities.

In fact, you can even attend job fairs or career-related workshops and events to build your network. According to this research, 50% of survey participants discovered new jobs from friends and 37% learned about them from professional networks. By taking this extra step and showing initiative, you can make a stronger first impression and develop a reputation that can help you launch your medical office specialist career.

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