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Healthcare education is a valuable investment in your future, but it’s crucial to choose a school that supports your success both in school and after graduation. The Manhattan School of Computer Technology offers many student services that help our students successfully navigate the job search process, achieve their career goals, and succeed in their chosen fields after completing their education.

At MSCT, our commitment to our students extends beyond their academic success. We leave nothing to chance in providing career assistance to our graduates to ensure they have fulfilling careers. In this blog, we’ll be discussing four services that we offer at Manhattan School of Computer Technology that support our students’ success.

1. A Career Placement Program

MSCT’s career placement program is one of the more enduring symbols of our dedication to our students continued success. Coordinated by the school’s Placement Office, this program aims to help our graduates find the right job for their skills, interests, and career goals.

The career placement program at MSCT helps students find the right jobs for them.

To ensure that our graduates are immediately work-ready, we provide personalized guidance, resume-writing assistance, and job search strategies to help graduates find the right position in their field. Upon gaining admission to our MSCT and electing to participate in the Employment Preparation and Job Search Program, we become invested in your career success. Our school will support your preparation for future employment with the full range of our resources, including access to career counselling from experienced industry professionals, extended access to our laboratory facilities, training in successful interviewing techniques, and ongoing advice, direction, and support. 

Before they even venture out searching for job opportunities, our career placement program gives our graduates a competitive edge and gears them up for success in their desired careers.

2. Multiple Financial Aid Options

We offer several financial aid options to help make healthcare education more affordable for our students. We participate in the Federal Work-Study program, which allows students to earn money while in school to help pay for their education. Additionally, we offer several federal grants and loans to help students pay for their education and achieve their career goals. Students with financial limitations who still desire to complete their programs with us can do so with the help of our William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program.

Students benefit from multiple financial aid options at our school.

Additionally, students who live in New York may access the TAP Grant, while students who have participated in active military service qualify for veteran administration educational benefits.  

3. Excellent Student Support Services

MSCT offers a wide range of support services to help you succeed in your program and in your Medical Office Specialist career. These services include tutoring, academic advising, and student support services. Our academic advising team works with students to help them understand their academic options and create a plan for success. Our student support services team provides guidance and support for various student needs, from personal issues to financial concerns.

Finally, we offer a robust alumni network to help our graduates stay connected with each other and with MSCT. This network provides opportunities for professional growth, networking, and continued education. Our alumni are an essential part of our community, and we are proud to support their ongoing success through our alumni network.

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